Landing Excursion to Queenborough

by Martin Longhurst

On Saturday 8 May 1999 KC took her first cruise of the year to the River Swale which separates the Isle of Sheppey from mainland Kent. The sailing was from Strood Pier to Queenborough, ancient capital of Sheppey. The weather was overcast which limited the number of day excursion passengers.
Our first sight of KC as she passes a Thames sailing barge moored in Bridge Reach, Rochester.
  She was taking a party of ex-Servicemen for an hour's cruise.
She took them through Rochester Bridge to get a better view of the Cathedral and Castle.
Approaching Strood Pier to pick up her day trippers.  
31 joined for the full cruise.  
  The preserved naval sloop Gannet moored in the River Medway to allow Cavalier to enter the Historic Dockyard the following week.
  Gannet is a long-term restoration project.
The hour's cruise passengers disembarked at Thunderbolt Pier to continue their visit to the Dockyard.  
Upnor Castle on the north bank opposite the Dockyard.  
  Tokio Express loading containers at Thamesport.
The last Radio Caroline ship Ross Revenge now berthed at Queenborough.  
Programmes are still transmitted occasionally. One month licences can be obtained in different areas. During June a visit is planned to Southend.  
For details see the Radio Caroline Web Site.  
KC berthed at Queenborough Pier for 90 minutes. Her passengers make their way along the walkway which floats at high tide.  
  Our favourite watering hole at Queenborough,The Old House at Home, which serves an excellent pint of Abbot Ale.
On the return passage.  
View from the wheelhouse approaching Bee Ness Jetty from the east.  
  Approaching Strood Pier to disembark.
The final part of the day's work - returning to base at Thunderbolt Pier in Chatham Historic Dockyard.  

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